Ethical and Sustainable Bridal Wear
For the no-rules bride.

Handcrafted from 100% organic silk and a variety of sustainable materials. Made ethically in London by expert hands of artisans with great knowledge of couture techniques and wedding dresses. Placing each seam strategically to contour your body and enhance your curves for dresses that unleash your goddess power and make you feel beautiful and unstoppable.

We want you to wear what makes you feel good. ‘This works for your body, this doesn’t ‘is not for us.  Choosing a wedding dress is not a black and white process. Emotions come into place, feelings, sensations, and we want you to explore all the options that can let you set those emotions free. You’ll walk down the aisle on your wedding day feeling confident, powerful and beautiful in a gown you chose because it makes you feel good. No rules apply, we don’t care about what tradition says, we care about you feeling happy in what you’re wearing.

Our dresses are made unstructured and free from constraints so you can move freely and be comfortable on your wedding day. We designed each dress with strategically placed features that make the dresses comfortable and lightweight so that they will feel like a second skin and you’ll love your dress so much you’d want to re-wear it over and over again. For this, each piece is made so that it can be transformed into staple pieces to incorporate in your everyday wardrobe.