You like our vibe but want something one of a kind made only for you?

Let’s work together to create your unique custom and bespoke Medusa London piece.

Here at Medusa London, we know that our clients are spectacularly individual and like to make an unforgettable first impression. Designing your own wedding dress could be the key to stunning your bridal party into silence when you make your big entrance.

To help you to design a wedding dress that is YOU, right here in the UK, we offer two types of creative service. We can customise one of our existing designs which act as a base for your own big day desires. Otherwise, we can work closely with unconventionally fashionable clients to create a bespoke dress which is wholly made fresh for the wearer.

100% authentically you, 100% of the time.

Medusa Custom

Wondering where to buy a customisable wedding dress in the UK? Our London-based brand can customise each of our Metamorphosis and Medusa’s Muses wedding dress collection pieces to better suit your unique specifications.

Starting with a Medusa London wedding gown, mini wedding dress, or bridal separates, we can add or remove elements using fully sustainable and ethically sourced fabrics and materials. As experts in the use of sustainable materials in relation to wedding dresses, we can offer you a superior design and build, made to measure and entirely green – though not in colour!  Unless, of course, green is your colour. 

Customise Your Dream Wedding Dress in 6 Steps

Step 1 –Consult with our Wedding Dress Designer on a private appointment

Step 2 – Choose a Wedding Dress to start with

Step 3 – Finalise and Approve Your Alterations

Step 4 – Come in for Fitting

Step 5 – Second Fitting

Step 6 – Pick Up Your Brand New, Unique, Wedding Dress

Medusa Bespoke

Looking for a fully bespoke wedding dress, crafted from sustainable materials and made as per your own design? Look no further than Medusa London to live  your anti-bride dreams. Who better to understand that your unicity is the way forward?

We actively encourage our clients to stand proud in their personality, make that show-stopping entrance, and turn a few heads with their unique style choices. Trust Medusa London to produce a designer-made, superior quality wedding dress which you created yourself. We will help guide you through a seamless design period, handcraft your wedding dress , and perform dress fitting appointments to totally tailor your unique look.

Customise Your Dream Wedding Dress in 6 Steps

Step 1 –Consult with our Wedding  Designer on a private appointment

Step 2 – We design a few versions of your dress based on your requirements and we discuss options with you until you make your final choice 

Step 3 – We have the first fitting with a toile – a dress made of a cotton fabric to check you’re happy with the look of the dress and to take the right measurements.

Step 4 – We Amend the initial toile 

Step 5 – Second Fitting so we can make the adjustments. 

Step 6 –Final fitting appointment and You  Pick Up your unique one-of-a kind wedding dress 

Want to Build or Customise Your Own Wedding Dress? Let’s get started!

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