About Medusa

The Medusa Mission

we create wedding dresses to help brides embrace their authentic, individual, best selves.

Medusa London celebrates individuality and authenticity. We are on a mission to support brides who want to embrace their unique style and personality on their wedding day. Every bride deserves to feel perfectly unique on their wedding day and we make this is possible by mixing individuality, coolness, and elegance in a seamless way, adding a touch of minimalism to bring style supremacy to any wedding dress.

Medusa London aim to challenge traditional wedding norms and create a new vision of the modern bride, while still preserving the sentimental side of classic bridal wear.

We believe that juxtaposition is human, and that weddings are one of the most human experiences we can have in our lifetime. That’s why we encourage Medusa London brides to be confident in their  wedding dress choices.

Don’t hold back, let your individuality shine.

join Medusa London in embracing authenticity on your wedding journey


Sustainable, artisanal & ethical wedding dresses
Handmade in London

Medusa is a brand with a difference. At the heart of our brand lies sustainability and a deep commitment to doing right by our planet and its people. Every piece we create is handmade in London with love, using only the finest sustainable luxury materials.Our pieces are made to order, which helps to minimize our environmental impact, and ensures that the people who make our garments are treated with care and respect.

Our luxurious pieces are made from 100% GOTS certified organic peace silk, which is not only cruelty-free but biodegradable as well. The silk making process is kind to both the environment and the animals involved, as the silk worms are allowed to complete their life cycle before their cocoons are used to weave the fabric.

Our silk is made by a cooperative of skilled and fairly paid artisans, who use only natural and non-toxic materials in their craft. These artisans work as a rural cooperation, which allows the silk farmers, spinners, weavers to work directly from their own areas. All these different units are well connected with centralised headquarters. This way they can have a comfortable lifestyle without having to move to bigger areas and their children can attend local schools.The women in the group are empowered to achieve social and economic self-sufficiency through their work.

We also use other materials that combine technology and sustainability such as our zippers made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles: 1 bottle = 3 zippers. (See our FAQs for more info. )

At Medusa, we believe that fashion and sustainability can coexist. Our commitment to using sustainable materials and practices is unwavering, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment. We care about our products, and we care about the people who make them. After all, there’s no fashion to be made without a healthy planet to live on.

We hope that you’ll fall in love with our brand and our commitment to sustainability, and join us on this journey towards a better future.

Meet the Designer

Agnese Petraglia
 ( aa-n-y-EH-s-eh) designer and founder of Medusa London.

As my name probably gave away already, I am Italian, born and raised in a small village off the Amalfi coast but I moved to London in 2014 at the age of 18.
Having always had a passion for ‘making things’, I tried a few crafts, until I realised that I really wanted to make clothes. 
I got my first sewing machine at 15, and started altering old clothes and creating my first exclusive designs. 

Born and raised in Italy, I was surrounded by the romance and rich history of the country. But when I moved to London, I was struck by its modern, luxurious vibe. I was inspired to create a brand that blended my love for the old and new, and that's how Medusa London was born. Our collections feature minimalist, sleek silhouettes, beautifully accentuated by soft chiffon and organza fabrics, with delicate knots, drapes, and folds. We're all about speaking directly to the hearts of modern brides, who want to seamlessly mix their personal style with our minimal designs on their big day.

Browse our Medusa’s Muses and Metamorphosis collections now to view my latest wedding dresses designs. Or check out our wedding dress accessorie.

Medusa London – where sustainable and couture create beautiful things.

Our Wedding Dresses Credentials:

100% GOTS certified organic peace silk wedding dresses


Fair pay for our skilled artisans

Silk produced by a community supporting families, women and their children.

Post consumer recycled zippers – 1 bottle makes 3

Made from sustainable materials

Minimal environmental impact from each wedding dress created

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