About Medusa

Medusa London

The No-Rules brand for the bride of today. 

Our Story

Welcome to the world of Medusa, born for the understated, modern and conscious ones.

Designed to be comfortable and free from constraints, sleek and luxurious, for those who don’t follow rules but make them. For this, all our sizes are based on real body measurements so our sizes run bigger rather than smaller to accomodate a variety of body types.

Medusa will make you able to express your unique sense of style with modern designs and couture pieces on your wedding day or any other day you’d want to wear it. 

‘This works for your body, this doesn’t’, it’s not for us: We want everyone to just wear what they love and whatever makes them feel beautiful and amazing.

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Our mission


Sustainability is at the core of Medusa. Since day 1, we felt that Medusa wouldn’t have been able to come to life without using sustainable practices and materials. For this, each piece is handmade in London from a variety of sustainable luxury materials such as organic silk certified by the soil association for being processed in accordance with GOTS (global organic textile standard) and recycled materials such as our zippers made from post consumer plastic bottles (1 bottle = 3 zippers).

We chose to operate on made to order basis, a sustainable practice that helps not only the business but the environment too. This way, garments are only made when needed so that machinery and energy are only used when required. Also, it helps delivering a great quality product without giving an extreme amount of work to those who make the garments as the happiness and wellbeing of our seamstresses is very important to us. 

Being a small slow and sustainable fashion brand means to be constantly researching for new products that have less impact on the environment and we commit to always be working on implementing our sustainable practices and take care of our environment.

Meet the Designer

Agnese Petraglia
 ( aa-n-y-EH-s-eh) designer and founder of Medusa London.

As the name probably gave away already, Agnese is Italian, born and raised in a small village off the Amalfi coast but moved to London in 2014 at the age of 18.
Having always had a passion for ‘making things’, she tried a few crafts, until she realised that she really wanted to make clothes. 
She got her first sewing machine at 15, and started altering old clothes and creating new ones. 

"When I moved to London, I loved the modern style of the city and that luxurious, sleek feeling that London has. Having lived in Italy up until then, I had constantly been exposed to the romantic atmosphere of the Amalfi coast and to the ancient history of Italy, so I really wanted to convey all those feelings in a collection that could really mix my love for the old and the new in a minimalist key. This way, Medusa London was born and with its romantic flows of soft chiffon and organza fabrics, the knots, drapes and folds and sleek silhouettes, it directly speaks to the hearts of minimal modern brides.